Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Q - Can I procure parts from Everglades?
To purchase parts unavailable to the public (proprietary, made in-house, etc.) please contact your local authorized Everglades dealer who can assist you with placing your order.


Q - Are you looking for a specific part or service for your vessel?

Your greatest resource of information is your local dealer. Your dealer can assist you with finding the right part, product availability, as well as service, needs to help keep your boat running top-notch. We only sell our boats and replacement parts through local dealerships. We do not sell directly from the factory.

Not sure who your local dealer is? Click here to find your local dealer.

Do you still need assistance? Click below to speak with a customer service team member. 

  • Contact Customer Service for warranty questions, technical support, or older model parts (your dealer should be able to assist with most of these items as well).
  • Resources - find your owners manual.


Q - My dealer is too far away from me to order parts from them
Your Everglades Dealer can request these parts be shipped to you directly.


Q - Where can I have my cushions, canvas, or upholstery replaced for my Everglades?
To replace these items or to purchase new, please contact Gioia Sails. They are our vendor for cushions, canvases, upholstery, and enclosures. You can contact them here: or via phone 386-597-2915.

All orders/dimensions must be verified through Gioia as there have been generation/model changes over the years.


Q - Can I tow jet skis or other small marine craft from my ski tow pylon?
Ski Tow Pylon is intended for tow sports only.




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Disclaimer - Within these manuals, you will see vendor information that corresponds to the numbers pointing to each part.  Under the photographs, you will see next to each number, the vendor name, vendor part number, and a brief description of the part.  The parts described by RJAF or RJLM were made in house by Everglades Boats.  Use this information to search for your parts online.  Please note, some vendors may not be available when you search. It is always good to verify all this with the vendor directly.   

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