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Icon definition

Every generation has its icons. The ones that drive themselves into your memory become lore, mythical in their place in history.

Precious few will build vessels that are respected for their place in deep-sea sportfishing. Those who do will avert gratuitous trends, embrace the finest processes and will challenge modern conventions.

For those who demand independence and have a passion for impeccable craftsmanship, a new level of icon awaits. We’ve built them a flagship that acknowledges their call to go beyond.




Bred from a pedigree that dates back to the original center console boat comes a new flagship – larger, stronger and more revered than ever before.




Born of DNA that cuts no corners and knows no limit comes a masterful apex predator with unimaginable offshore fishability and agility.




A system-matched collection of electronics provides control-improving technology – from standard safety features to cutting-edge developments in onboard management.




Designed to control the latest advances in outboards, our next generation transom is engineered to deliver fierce power and torque - both smoothly and with intent.




The undeniable champion in the “unsinkable” category, we’ve applied our coveted RAMPCAP™ hull construction to provide a definitive ride that rivals Bugatti®, Gulfstream® or Harley-Davidson®. Structural floatation foam, cured under thousands of pounds of pressure, produces a superior hull like no other.




It’s the largest, most substantial flagship in our history. Longer, wider, with greater capacity, improved cabin space and more fish-fighting area than ever before.



Fit and Finish

There’s no such thing as a second-class flagship. Yacht-like touches, alluring textures, modern finishes and pain staking attention to every detail adornes from bow to stern.




This latest offering maintains an extraordinary first impression that will let the others know that you have arrived. Impressive by every measure. The ultimate sportfish vessel in our respected history.



A new level of icon awaits.


Only a few will heEd.

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