Born in the Northshore to Conquer the Offshore.

Engineered and perfected in the water of Cape Cod and the North Atlantic, Everglades boats take you further in unmatched comfort and safety. Built on an incredibly stable, patented RAMCAP hull, Everglades boats tackle the most challenging conditions with absolute confidence. The respected leader of the “unsinkable” boat category, Everglades boats achieve their smooth ride with a precisely fit pre-molded foam core that bonds the hull and liner together to form a rigid, cohesive boat.
Complimenting its strength and agility, Everglades boats are adorned with impeccable finishes and comforts above and below deck. With generous-sized cabins, head and shower options, and tournament-ready offshore fishing features, Everglades empowers you to go further, longer. Experience the safety, confidence, and timeless design only an Everglades offshore boat can provide.

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Elevate Your Expectations

Timeless Design and Appearance

Every Everglades model features a distinctive silhouette and an unrivaled fishing pedigree that attracts attention every time you arrive. We defy the center console category with lavish conveniences, including rich wood finishes, dedicated cabins with head and shower spaces, and chic yacht-like amenities inside and out.

We Thought Of Everything

Superior Fit & Finish

Everglades’ distinctive silhouette and unmatched fishing pedigree defy convention with lavish conveniences, including exotic teak woods, polished stainless steel accents, and chic yacht-like amenities. We build boats the way you expect, without compromising materials or processes. Famous for our fit and finish, our innovative features and superior construction set us apart.

Rugged & Dependable, Rain or Shine

Built For Northern Exposure

More than “unsinkable”, Everglades’ hull ride and flotation excels where others simply under deliver. The patented RAMCAP™ hull creates a structure that if punctured or damaged will not become waterlogged, even over time. Flood rate, pump rate, flotation and margin lines, Everglades is the undisputed leader in the “unsinkable” world. Heavy waves or rough conditions, Everglades’ hulls provide wave crushing performance for any condition.

Be Amazed

Eliminate Boat Roll

An optional Seakeeper® gyroscopic stabilizer eliminates up to 95% of boat roll, transforming everyone’s experience on the water. Having a more stable platform makes being on the water more enjoyable for all. It also makes for a safer experience by drastically reducing the chance of guests stumbling or falling. Stay out longer, be more comfortable. You'll never boat without it again.

Unmatchable Fishing Ability

Bred to Fish

With our variable deadrise hull and tournament-ready deck design, every Everglades center console includes industry-leading forward and aft fish boxes, large circulating livewells with light and clear acrylic lids with stainless steel friction hinges, integrated rod holder combos in-deck, under gunnel rod racks, standard port side utility door, and unsurpassable storage for your fishing arsenal.

Push Harder, Dig Deeper

Power, Range & Complete Control

From hull design to propulsion and power, Everglades empowers owners with the freedom to roam the Atlantic, intracoastal waters, near shore routes, or wander off to island destinations with confidence. Everglades is agile and powerful enough to overcome rough waves, gale winds, and long distances without fatiguing your crew or guests.

Award-Winning Hull Technology


RAMCAP is the only hull construction process that utilizes a high-density foam core that is pre-molded to fit precisely between an Everglades hull and liner. The combination of RAMCAP and Everglades’ proven hull shape leads to a stable ride, with superior handling and maneuverability, making Everglades the most comfortable fishing boat on the market while also allowing Everglades to offer a full lifetime hull warranty.

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure aboard an award winning Everglades Boat. Everglades Boats, the unrivaled authority in high-performance offshore unsinkable center console fishing boats, offers meticulously crafted models spanning from 23 to 43 feet that set the standard in safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and exemplify excellence in performance and innovation.

With an impressive six back-to-back CSI Awards since 2017, Everglades Boats sets the standard for high-performance offshore unsinkable center console fishing boats. 

Experience next-level fishing features and meticulously engineered high-performance options that enhance your angling pursuits. Whether you seek tranquility in serene lakes or the thrill of challenging waters, our boats deliver tournament-level performance. Join the passionate community of boaters and anglers who embrace the remarkable legacy of Everglades Boats, where unparalleled craftsmanship and unbridled power combine to elevate your journey on the water.


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