Built for Beyond.

Greatness is achieved by those with the courage to reimagine the possible.

The visual lines and design integrity of each Everglades boat, from the smallest to the largest, is truly distinctive.

Each Everglades boat is built with patented features and quality craftsmanship you simply won’t find in other brands. Our innovations are "Intelligent by Design" - they don’t just work, they work better. Our ethos was defined by Everglades’ founder Bob Dougherty who was the founding father of the modern center console boat. Today, the Everglades team continues to lead the industry, from aesthetics to engineering, producing the finest performance fishing boats on the water.

Everglades Hull in Factory

RAMCAP. Patented. Proven.

Exclusive Award-Winning Hull Construction Technology.

Invented by Everglades before our first hull left the factory floor, RAMCAP™ or Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process, is a better way to build a boat. Recognized for its exceptionally groundbreaking new and innovative approach to building a hull, the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association awarded Everglades its prestigious Innovation Award in 1999. Today, every Everglades boat from 23’ to 43’ is built using this patented superior process.

Foam is an essential building block in manufacturing unsinkable hulls. It provides a bond that locks components together while providing buoyancy required by the US Coast Guard. Most manufacturers use a process called "blind foaming" to fill empty cavities between the deck and hull to create flotation after assembly.

With RAMCAP, Everglades does the opposite. Everglades custom manufacturers our foam first and builds the boat around these high-density pre-molded modules. Most manufacturers use a low-density foam while blind foaming, inviting voids, sub-par bonds, and creating variable densities. Not Everglades. Everglades molds the foam first, creating high-density structural foam. Wet foam is poured into custom-made molds that cure under thousands of pounds of pressure as the foam expands on top of itself. The result is accurately aligned foam units that line the hull of the boat. These foam pieces are bonded to the hull and liner under a vacuum to create a one-piece hull. The result is a rigid, strong performing hull that provides a ride and feel that no other manufacturer can replicate. See our process for yourself.

An Unrelenting Pursuit of Perfection

Intelligent By Design.

Everglades builds boats the way you think they should be built, with no compromise in materials or processes. Famous for our yacht-quality fit and finish, our innovative features and superior construction set us apart from the rest. Safety has always been our priority, understated luxury our signature. Take one look at our walk-through videos and virtual tours and you will see, no one else builds boats this way.

Eliminate Boat Roll.

Spend a day fishing on a boat equipped with Seakeeper® gyroscopic stabilization and see just how big a difference it makes. Seakeeper eliminates up to 95% of boat roll, transforming everyone’s experience on the water. Having a more stable platform absolutely makes it easier to fish. It makes it safer, too, since there’s a much lower chance of stumbling or falling. And when there are hooks swinging through the air and fish on the deck, a more stable platform is going to be a safer one. Your non-fishing passengers will appreciate it even more.

More Than “Unsinkable".

Some of our competitors celebrate their stake as the unsinkable boat. Truth be known, USCG floatation regulations have been in place to make recreational boats safe for decades. Most brands have extended these regulations to their larger boats making “unsinkable” hulls the norm. Where Everglades excels in hull safety and floatation is where others can’t. Our patented vacuum-sealed and chemically bonded hulls create a structure that if punctured or damaged will not become waterlogged, even over time. In terms of flood rate, pump rate, floatation, and margin lines, Everglades is the true leader in the “unsinkable” category. Everglade hulls are proven and trusted around the globe.

We Thought of Everything.

Not only is it in our DNA to design boats that get you on top of prey quickly and fish hard, we design fish stations and living spaces with incredible efficiency and stunning creature comforts. From strategically placed gear drawers and rod holders, to handsome cabin retreats with refined cabinets and fixtures, Everglades designs amenities that appeal. Everglades owners are as comfortable trolling for pelagic game fish as they are relaxing on overnight cruises. Everglades delivers life without limits.

Timeless Design.

Everglades founder, visionary and adventurer Bob Dougherty, established his career as a marine legend in 1960 where he was a key contributor in designing the modern unsinkable hull. During his 30-year tenure, he perfected the process of hull design, choosing innovative boat designs that stand the test of time and performance to this very day. Founded in 1999, Bob established a truly timeless design within the Everglades brand. His designs didn’t simply work, they worked better. Today the visual lines and design integrity Bob established within Everglades is strikingly distinctive, avoiding the pitfalls of design for design’s sake and forgotten trends. Authentic to its core, Everglades Boats provide an unapologetic design quality that produces a powerful response.

Everglades Lifetime Hull Warranty

The Upside of Best-In-Class.

Superior Construction

  • Unsinkable
  • Patented closed molded RAMCAP® construction process
  • Lifetime hull warranty
  • 3 year component warranty
  • Variable dead rise deep V-hull
  • Self-bailing cockpits
  • NMMA and ABYC certified
  • No wood construction - all composite
  • Hull laminate - premium gel coat, vinyl-ester barrier coat, polyester print barrier and knitted bi-axle fiberglass
  • High density PVC composite transom
  • Molded-in diamond non-skid 
  • Rigging troughs - molded-in and oversized for easy access
  • ABS backing used to receive self tapping screws and bolts
  • Wire harnesses - manufactured in-house using marine grade, tinned copper wire, heat shrink connectors and waterproof Deutsch plugs
  • Circuit protection - circuit breakers or fuses protect all electrical circuits
  • Upholstery - extra-heavy vinyl with acrylic top coat, Tenara™ thread, and anti-mildew backing - adhered to high-density plastic backing with flow through foam cushions 

Unmatched Fit & Finish

  • Hull liner and deck mated perfectly for a rigid one-piece construction
  • Hull liner completely finished inside with Class A surface
  • Aluminum frame work - custom fabricated in house meeting stringent standards, sand blasted then powder coated using premium marine grade materials
  • Heavy-duty rub rail with 316 stainless steel insert and end caps
  • 316-L stainless steel hydraulic tilt steering wheel
  • Stainless steel plumbed drink holders
  • Stainless steel gunwale flush mounted plumbed rod holders bedded and through bolted
  • 316-L stainless steel and chrome plated fasteners for additional corrosion and stain resistance
  • All hardware bedded or gasketed to resist corrosion
  • 316-L cast stainless steel hinges and latches
  • Heavy-duty, welded bow and stern eyes, bedded and sealed in polyurethane
  • Bronze high speed intake strainers
  • Painted aluminum fuel tanks

Innovative Features

  • Patented sliding windshields
  • Fiberglass hardtop with aluminum powder coated frame includes blue & white LED lights, spreader lights, electronics box, and rod holders
  • Abundant space for electronics placement
  • Canvas life jacket storage in hardtop
  • Stereo - Fusion control head with Bluetooth and JL M-series speakers
  • Stereo speakers mounted in hardtop and gunwales 
  • Console power ports 20A - 12VDC
  • Under gunwale power ports - 30A
  • Head compartments with storage and toilet
  • Non-skid bow casting platforms
  • Pull-up cleats cast - 316-L stainless steel and through bolted
  • Recessed cockpit drains
  • Retractable boarding ladder at transom with stainless steel grab rail
  • Yeti cooler
  • Circulating livewell with light and 3/8" clear acrylic lid with stainless steel friction hinges and latch