Center Consoles Boats

With offerings from 23 to 43 feet, Everglades Boats center console models are as plentiful as they are versatile. With standard comforts including patented sliding windshield, plush seating, state-of-the-art technology, and a quiet yet powerful ride, your Everglades center console will provide the opulence you desire and the utility you’ve come to count on.

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Bay Boats / Hybrids / Crossovers

Everglades Boats has long been regarded as the premier hybrid inshore/offshore boat builder. True to our reputation for constant innovation, each of our bay boats pushes the category to the next level. Each Everglades bay boat is fully loaded with everything you need to dominate the competition the moment you hit the water.

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Dual Console Boats

Discover one of the most versatile, fast, fully featured, and safest dual consoles on the water. Everglades' commitment to premium fishability is just as evident aboard this versatile dual console as any of our other boats. At 96 square feet, the 340DC's cockpit is even larger than some of our most "fishable" models, the 243cc, 253cc, or even the 255cc! See how Everglades has redefined what a dual console can be.

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