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Discover cutting-edge maritime innovation with Everglades Boats’ newest model—a seamless blend of precision engineering, unparalleled performance, and superior comfort. Nestled in the center of Everglades Boats' illustrious fleet, this model is more than just a center console; it's a gateway to a realm of exploration and adventure.

Arriving September 8th, 2023


Fort Myers Boat Show
Nov. 9th - 12th
Location Bay Street & Heitman St
Dealer: The Boat House

Crafted for Convenience

Standard on this newest Everglades center console is a meticulously designed mezzanine seat and cooler combination—your perfect companions for relishing the sunsets or sharing laughter with friends. Looking to upgrade your fishing excursions? Add the rigging and tackle station to your mezzanine seating and cooler, a fusion of utility and luxury. Looking for even more seating? Retractable transom seating is to be expected on all of Everglades’ offshore center consoles.

Unveiling Unparalleled Performance

Driven by dual 400 horsepower V10 Mercury engines, this vessel unleashes its prowess with a cruise speed of 43.6 MPH—a symphony of speed and stability on open waters. When the call for exhilaration arises, the wide-open throttle speed of 56.3 MPH will have you embracing the wind and the endless horizon ahead.

Where Elegance Meets Certification

Dive into unparalleled reassurance as all Everglades center consoles are proudly built by ABYC, NMEA and NMMA certified technicians, exemplifying uncompromising quality and adherence to the highest industry standards. Every contour, every feature, every attention to detail is a testament to our commitment to your maritime joy and security.


Embark on an odyssey where craftsmanship meets innovation, power meets precision, and your nautical aspirations find their ultimate expression. Set your course for Everglades' newest offshore center console — launching this September.

Award-Winning Hull Technology


RAMCAP is the only hull construction process that utilizes a high-density foam core that is pre-molded to fit precisely between an Everglades hull and liner. The combination of RAMCAP and Everglades’ proven hull shape leads to a stable ride, with superior handling and maneuverability, making Everglades the most comfortable fishing boat on the market while also allowing Everglades to offer a full lifetime hull warranty.

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