“Quality is no coincidence”

The Dougherty family spent a lifetime designing, building, running, and enjoying unsinkable offshore boats.

We know the potentially extreme conditions you may encounter on the open ocean. That's why we create boats of the highest possible quality, and we employ a team of craftsmen and women who consider their profession an art. Everglades bears a global reputation for extreme innovation and unsurpassed safety. Committing to intelligent design and quality allows Everglades to continue to lead the way.

The Dougherty Family

Bob Dougherty’s Boat-Building Legacy

Every industry has them, the uniquely gifted icons at the forefront of innovation. In the marine industry, that icon was Bob Dougherty. In 1960, he joined Boston Whaler where he was key in developing the unsinkable hull. During his 30-year tenure he perfected the process, introduced the first V-bottom Whaler, and became Senior Vice President of Product Development and Engineering.

In 1999, Bob Dougherty took the foam-filled hull process even further, by molding the structural foam separately, then building it into the hull, rather than injecting it blindly. His Rapid Molded Core Assembly Process -- or RAMCAP -- won him the Marine Manufacturers Innovation Award in 1999 and revolutionized the way boats are built.

In 2001 Bob Dougherty was ready for a new challenge, and Everglades Boats was born. Over the last decade the product line has grown, including center consoles, cabin models and dual consoles, measuring 23 to 43 feet. Today, RAMCAP is still the core of every Everglades hull.

With over 50 years of dedication to innovation in boat building, the Everglades team continues to impress by producing the finest family fishing boats on the water.

Everglades Boats' Bob Dougherty was a fixer, problem solver, inventor, visionary, adventurer, and an extraordinary boat builder. He had a quick wit, a fast smile, and enjoyed sharing his back pocket full of life experiences. Throughout his life, Dougherty continued to churn out new products and innovative ways of meeting challenges.

NMMA Innovation Awards: 1999, 2002, 2005